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    Wing Chun Kung Fu is a unique and effective martial art for self-defense. It is the only martial art created and made famous by a woman. About 300 years ago, Ng Mui, the Shaolin nun who developed the system, realized that most of the techniques in Shaolin Kung Fu were ineffective for a small woman to use against a larger, stronger opponent. With this in mind, Ng Mui developed a self-defense system that enabled a smaller person like herself to defeat a bigger, stronger person. The system focuses on power generation with a whole-body structure, relying on efficient movement rather than muscle power. The theory behind the essential elements includes body positions, speed, and timing. Movie stars such as Bruce Lee, Robert Downey Jr., Christian Bale, Donnie Yen, and Stephen Chow are Wing Chun practitioners.

    There are different lineages of Wing Chun depending on the interpretation of the system. We follow Grandmaster WAN Kam Leung's Practical Wing Chun system. Practical Wing Chun (實用詠春拳) is a system developed and refined by Grandmaster WAN Kam Leung based on the traditional Wing Chun he studied under Grandmaster WONG Shun Leung, a top student of Grandmaster IP Man for many years, known for engaging in many fights on Hong Kong rooftops in order to scrutinize and improve on his martial art. Grandmaster WAN felt this same need to improve on a system whose forms were invented hundreds of years ago and passed along mostly through word of mouth. He felt that some traditional techniques may have become obsolete, and some training methods may have become outdated. Moreover, modern understanding of the human body and physics can also differ from concepts developed several hundred years ago. He meticulously tested and modified an already efficient system to adapt it for practical modern self defense.

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    Master William Kwok
    Master William Kwok is a Doctor of Education and an internationally recognized martial arts master with over 45 years of experience. He is Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung's first closed-door disciple to have both completed the Practical Wing Chun system and taught it professionally outside of Hong Kong. Master Kwok is known for analyzing martial arts techniques with modern movement science and designing curricula and instruction based on the latest teaching methods. He is also credited as one of the key individuals who systematized Practical Wing Chun study into a modern-day training program.

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    Benefits of learning
    Practical Wing Chun
    Practical Wing Chun is suitable for everyone regardless of size, gender, and age, as brute force, strength, and acrobatic abilities do not play a decisive role.

    In addition to learning effective self-defense techniques, you will get in better shape and gain more self-confidence and well-being. You will get an increased motor awareness and thus improved body control and focus of the mind, things you will significantly benefit from in other contexts.

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