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  • Practical Wing Chun
    Wing Chun Kung Fu is a unique and effective martial art from Southern China that specializes in close range combat. It is the only martial art created and made famous by a woman. About 300 years ago, Ng Mui, the Shaolin nun who developed the system, realized that most of the techniques in Shaolin Kung Fu were ineffective for a small woman to use against a larger, stronger man. She also realized that a woman could not match a man's stamina in a long fight. With this in mind, Ng Mui developed a system of self defense that enabled a smaller, weaker person such as herself to defeat a bigger, stronger person. The system is focused around the centerlines, diagonal lines and angles. The theory behind the basic elements includes: balance, timing, control and simultaneity in defense and attacks. Movie Stars such as Bruce Lee, Robert Downey Jr., Christian Bale, Donnie Yen and Stephen Chow were Wing Chun practitioners. There are different lineages of Wing Chun depending on the interpretation of the system. We follow Grandmaster WAN Kam Leung who modified and improved the system so it has become more practically applicable, hence the name Practical Wing Chun.
    Benefits of learning
    Practical Wing Chun
    Practical Wing Chun is suitable for everyone regardless of size, gender and age as brute force, strength and acrobatic abilities do not play a decisive role.

    In addition to learning effective self-defense techniques, you will get in better shape and gain more self-confidence and well-being. You will get an increased motor awareness and thus improved body control and focus of the mind, things you will greatly benefit from in other contexts.

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